I’ve been creating art and other things since I was a young child. Growing up, I felt different than my peers. I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum and followed my creative impulses. Because of this, over the years I have explored many creative things: I’ve been a make-up artist, personal chef, jewelry designer, coach, writer, photographer, and painter. 


In my 40’s, I became an online life and wellness coach. At 50, I started creating mixed media art. Now in my 60’s, I’ve become a watercolor artist, creativity coach, and online art teacher. I’m a perfect example it’s never too late to reinvent yourself and start something new.


I took art in high school and painting in college, and I’ve certainly taken my fair share of workshops, but I consider myself mostly self-taught. I work in several different mediums and I usually work in a series. Exploring new techniques and different styles of art helps satisfy my curiosity and need for variety. I like to paint with vibrant colors. I don’t plan my color palette; I prefer to choose my colors intuitively and spontaneously. Many of my pieces come out of a deep meditative state. I let go of my thinking mind and surrender to the flow and allow it to guide me. I’m always surprised at how it turns out!


The best compliment I get is when people say that looking at my art makes them happy. I feel blessed because creating art brings me such joy and people can feel the joy and energy in my art.


Creating hasn’t always come easy for me. I’ve had periods in my life where I wasn’t being creative and it led to feelings of depression. I now realize that art and being creative is like oxygen to me. In my early years, I was a perfectionist and a procrastinator and this often kept me stuck and not creating.  I would often become hypercritical and not finish my work.


Because of this, for the past 20 years I’ve been a  life wellness coach helping people break through the mental obstacles that keep them from creating and living their lives from a place of joy and freedom.


Things that inspire me: daily nature walks, plants and flowers, the sea, exploring and learning, music, mantras, meditation, spirituality, animals, dancing, and road trips. I live in Northern California.

My weight loss and emotional eating coaching sites can be found at howyoudofood.com and secretsofaweightlossmaster.com


You can read about my coaching approach and background here:


Creativity and Life Wellness Coaching

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