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What are Mandalas?

Mandala means sacred circle in Sanskrit. Mandalas are sacred pieces of art that in many cultures are used to represent the universe and other spiritual symbols. They are also used as tools to focus attention and for meditation.  Traditional mandalas are very structured and symmetrical. Freestyle spontaneous mandalas don’t require a lot of precise measuring. It’s a great way to relax, loosen up perfectionism, and get in touch with your intuition. 

In this course you will learn simple and fun ways to lay down repetitive patterns and shapes that can be adapted using a variety of media.

Because these mandalas are freestyle, they are a bit asymmetrical, imperfect, or a bit wonky, as I like to say. To me, this makes them the perfect tool to let go and just have fun!

The Many Benefits of Mandalas

Making mandalas is healing and helps you to process your emotions and release the stress of life.

Mandalas open the door to your creativity. You get to intuitively choose and play with lots of colors and shapes.

Mandalas keep you in the present moment. They slow you down and it becomes a form of mindfulness meditation. Mandalas help you access the flow state, which is a healing state where all your senses are being engaged and you lose track of time and leave all your worries behind.

Drawing mandalas helps you practice drawing and mark making. This can give you ideas to use in more advanced works of art. It allows you to take risks and play with color and pattern in unexpected ways.

Learn to create easy freestyle mandalas with watercolor, markers, paint and ink pens. You can adapt these projects to use with a variety of media. No need to purchase a bunch of supplies! This course has 3 fun, projects plus 3 different coloring pages for more mandala fun! Suitable for all levels.

Please note: To start, you don’t have to buy a lot of extra supplies, especially if you have a limited budget! All projects can be adapted to use watercolor or acrylic paint and/or black and white pens or markers.  The supply list can be found and downloaded in Module 1, the free sample module towards the bottom of this page.

Take Anytime. 2.5 hrs of Video. Self-Paced.
Start your Magical Mandala Journey Today!

About the instructor:

Catherine L. Taylor is a mixed media and watercolor artist. She has been creating art since 2008. She has also been a life wellness coach for 20 years and has been teaching online since 2008. You can see more of her art at

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Here is a Description of Each of our Projects:

Project 1 – Simple Flower Mandala

In this lesson, you will learn how to create a simple flower mandala and learn how to decorate with simple marks. You will also learn how to lay down watercolors to get certain effects.

Project 2 – Watercolor Flower Mandala

In this project you will learn how to lay down watercolor using a wet on wet technique and then embellish your mandala with posca pens.

Project 3 – Creating Mandalas with Borders

In this project, you will learn how to create a more complex flower mandala by adding borders to your mandala.

Bonus Project 4 – Mandala Coloring Pages

In this project, you will be able to download 3 mandala coloring pages. Use them as is or build more complex mandalas with them. A fun way to color and relax!

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