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Soothe your soul with meditative painting. Infuse your art with creative energy and color. Each piece begins with a meditation and the painting itself becomes a meditation.

Explore the Beauty of Watercolor as you Create Intuitive Pieces of Art!

Find your flow and create beautiful and intuitive watercolors from a place of deep stillness. Watercolor is a spontaneous medium that is naturally meditative and allows for spontaneous expression. Relax and lose yourself in the flow of paint and color.   This watercolor course teaches you an intuitive way of doing watercolor that is really fun and less intimidating than traditional watercolor as there are no strict rules to follow. The focus is on the process, not trying to get a perfect looking piece. Even beginners can get great results!

Discover a meditation practice that’s playful, creative, and fun! This watercolor course teaches an intuitive watercolor practice that includes meditation, grounding practices, and mantras. This helps you release stress, tap into your intuition, bypass the critical thinking mind, and develop your own artistic voice.

Creativity is energy. To make beautiful art you need to become a clear channel for the energy to move through you. These practices help you to release stagnant energy and tap into the creative flow!

You will also explore the meaning of symbols and how to develop a personal library of meaningful symbols to use in your work. Note: If you’re not interested in these subjects you can skip this part of the course and go straight to the 4 painting projects!

About the instructor:

Catherine L. Taylor is a mixed media and watercolor artist. She has been creating art since 2008. She has also been a life wellness coach and meditation teacher for 20 years and has been teaching online since 2008. You can see more of her art at

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Take anytime. This self-paced digital course has over 6 hours of prerecorded video and audio content. Painting projects are filmed in real time so that you can paint along with me. Suitable for all levels, including beginners.

Access for at least one year minimum after purchase. * Your course won't automatically expire after 1 year. It will remain in the classroom. I just don't like to say "life time access "anymore because life can change.

In this watercolor course, you will:

Here is a description of each of our projects:

Lesson 1 – Flow

In this lesson you will learn about the symbolism of the circle. Through a special meditation, you will learn how to access your own personal symbols. You will practice blending watercolors and learn about soft and hard edges. You will then accent the circle with your own personal symbol or patterns of choice!

Lesson 2 – Bliss

In this lesson, you will let the paint flow! You will experiment with wet on wet, adding salt for texture, and layering colors.

Lesson 3 – The Spiral

In this lesson, we will have fun with drips! We will also accent our pieces with posca pens for dazzling effect!

Lesson 4 – Creation

In this lesson we will be learning more about color theory and layering lots of colors!

Here are more examples of Catherine’s work using these techniques

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