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You will learn wet on wet, blending, layering, splattering, how to create splashes and drips, fur, and create beautiful gradients. 

Easy enough for beginners, these projects are also great for intermediate watercolorists, and for those who just want to play with a new style. 

Do You Love the Ocean and all its Creatures?
This course is for you!

You can take the course anytime. 10 hrs. video content. Tracings Provided.

Do you love all things coastal? Jump into the magical, colorful world of whimsical, watercolor sea creatures. Each lesson teaches you new watercolor skills and techniques and each lesson builds upon the previous one.

Access for at least one year minimum after purchase. * Your course won't automatically expire after 1 year. It will remain in the classroom. I just don't like to offer life time access anymore because life can change.

Start your Water Color Sea Life Adventure Today!

About the instructor:

Catherine L. Taylor is a mixed media and watercolor artist. She has been creating art since 2008. She has also been a life wellness coach for 20 years and has been teaching online since 2008. You can see more of her art at catherineltaylor.com.

Here is a Description of Each of Our Projects:

Lesson 1 - Heart Jelly

In this project we will create a whimsical, colorful jelly fish with wet on wet techniques.

Lesson 2 - Sea Horse

In this project, we will learn how to make colorful gradients, work with masking fluid, as well as splattering and splashing techniques.

Lesson 3 - Nautilus Shell

in this project we will be layeringing many colors to create a dreamy, ethereal nautilus shell.

Lesson 4 - Rainbow Dolphin

In this project we will be applying all we've learned in the other projects plus work with drips to create more texture and drama to this delightful dolphin.

Lesson 5 - The Seal

In this project we will be learning how to create a animal features and fur and how to create blooms for more texture. This lessons combines everything in previous lessons and then some!

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