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Do you long to express yourself creatively? Do you feel there is a creative person inside of you that has been locked away or is stuck?  Would you love to have a creative outlet that nourishes and grounds you? Are you looking for a way to integrate your spirituality and art?


Creativity and Life Wellness Coaching can help you to become more in touch with your intuition, creative flow, and authenticity. When you are aligned with the truth of who you are, you bring that authentic presence into every facet of your life. You are then able to express yourself freely and can easily tap into and create from your true power source. This allows you to manifest what you truly want in your life, whether that’s creating art, going after a dream, or creating an optimal state of wellness.




Creativity and Life Wellness Coaching Can Help You:



• Develop more awareness, self-compassion and self-acceptance
• Tap into your authenticity, intuition, and creative flow

• Increase your confidence
• Release mental blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from reaching your full potential

• Create meaningful goals
• Give you the encouragement, structure, and support to make changes
• Manage your time better
• Provide the accountability you need to complete a project or goal
• Help you live a more joy filled life!



Creativity coaching can help you integrate various parts of yourself so that you can feel whole.  Learn creative practices that can help you tap into the deeper parts of yourself so that you can discover and express your true self in the world. Learn to tap into the flow state on a regular basis so that you can create a more meaningful, grounded, and joy filled life. Develop a sustainable creative practice that allows you to be in a constant state of exploration and self-transformation.



How I work as a Creativity and Life Wellness Coach



I’ve been a certified coach since 1998. I coach people in the areas of mindset and goals, creativity, mindfulness, authenticity and self-actualization, spirituality, emotional and intuitive eating, weight loss, body image, self-care, and life wellness. As a coach, my main focus is on motivation, mindset, teaching new life skills, and letting go of limiting beliefs. I help you tap into your authenticity, creativity, and intuition. With my warm and compassionate style, I create a safe container that allows the work to unfold. The foundation of my work is developing greater self-acceptance, self-awareness, and self-compassion as these create the foundation for real change and growth to occur. I will meet you where you’re at and we will look at what is keeping you from realizing your potential or goals. Together, we will formulate a plan for you to achieve your goals. 


Coaching is collaborative and unlike psychotherapy, it is action oriented. Talking is involved, but you will be given action steps to get you moving forward in the right direction. For coaching to be effective you must be ready to take action in your life.






Creativity is the energy of the universe moving through you. ~ Catherine L. Taylor

Creativity Coaching


Some of the goals we may cover in creativity coaching are how to create more consistently in your life by creating a daily or weekly practice such as morning pages, art journaling, painting, or doodling practice. It may involve exploring creativity exercises. It can also include exploring new mediums and techniques. If you’re working on a specific project, I can help provide the structure, encouragement, and support to complete your goal.

Committing to a sustainable creative practice can accelerate your self-transformation. It becomes a way for you to connect and nourish the deepest parts of yourself. It can also provide a steady flow of new creative ideas and create the groundwork for continuous self-transformation and growth.


For those who are struggling, or lack confidence or clarity, we will look at your thinking style and attitudes, including perfectionism and self-sabotage. We will work on letting go of self-limiting beliefs and fears that may be holding you back from creating more fully and putting yourself out there. I will help you to let go of the inner critic and help you develop more self-love, and self-compassion, as these allow you to express yourself more freely, take bigger risks, and explore new territory.  Are you ready for a discovery call? Contact me. 











Your creativity is a gift. It is the creative impulse of the Universe wanting to actualize and evolve through you.





Weight Loss, Self-Care, and Emotional Eating Coaching


I’ve been coaching women online with food and weight issues since 2006. I’ve produced 4 wellness programs. I’m the creator of the How You do Food is How You do Life Program, a 12 week mindfulness based weig

How You do Food is How You do Life Weight Loss and Emotional Eating Programht loss and emotional eating program that I have been teaching for almost 2 decades.


This program is holistic and covers many topics including mindful or intuitive eating, self-limiting thinking patterns and beliefs, mindfulness and meditation, goal setting, body image, developing and practicing self-love and compassion, creating a self-care program, and how to process emotions and feelings. I offer this program on a private, individual coaching basis, through a group coaching program, and a self-paced, home study program. You can find out more information on food and weight coaching here on my sister site.

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Free Consultation


If you’re interested, I offer a free discovery call where we will discuss your goals and see if we’re a good fit for working together. During this consult you will get a good sense of my coaching style and personality. Consults run 20 to 30 minutes.  Let me know some times you’re available to chat and your time zone. Contact me.


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Live Life!My Coaching Background


I’ve been a certified coach since 1998. I can personally relate to my client’s struggles. In my twenties and early thirties, I struggled greatly with low self-esteem, blocked creativity, self-sabotage, procrastination, binge and emotional eating, anxiety, and perfectionism. I overcame these issues through a lot of deep inner work, mindfulness, and my spiritual practice. 


I’m a lifelong learner who has been on the path of spirituality, self-development, and self-actualization since my early twenties when I began to study psychology and I discovered Buddhism and metaphysics. In my 40’s I started teaching and coaching online. Coaching quickly became a real passion for me. As a coach, I have been able to synthesize many of the things I’ve studied over the course of my life. The work I do draws from many disciplines, such as: health and life coaching, Buddhist psychology, yoga philosophy and practices, mindfulness, meditation, intuitive art making, cognitive therapy, transpersonal and positive psychology, energy work, metaphysics, and the law of attraction.


As far as my own creativity goes, in my 30’s, I trained as a bench jeweler at the now defunct California Institute of Jewelry Training. Afterwards,  I designed and sold jewelry. In my 40’s, I became a certified health, weight loss, and emotional eating coach. At 50, I started doing photography, writing, and started creating mixed media art. Now in my 60’s, I’ve become a watercolor artist and art teacher! I’m a perfect example it’s never too late to follow your dreams or create some new ones.



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