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Welcome to In The Flow Watercolor Meditations Workshop!



Please watch the above video to learn a little about me and how the workshop came about! I also discuss the nature of watercolor and why I love it so much.


What I don’t mention in the video is that I’ve been a weight loss and wellness coach for 20 years but this is my first art workshop. I’m so excited to have you have here!


Here is a pdf file of the supply list.


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Please note: You can use cold press, soft press, or hot press watercolor paper for these projects. Each will give a  different finish. I did my original series on Strathmore mixed media paper 400 series and I really liked how they came out. This is a good budget option. You can purchase it with a 40% off coupon at Michaels.

Do not use Bristol, copy, or drawing paper, or Canson XL watercolor paper as the paint will not flow well on these papers. 


In Lesson 2 there is also a supply video where I discuss the products I recommend.


To share your art (any art, not just art from this course), works in progress, and to ask any questions about the course please join my private Facebook community group here. 


You can also reach me privately at catltaylor@catherineltaylor.com.


Tech Issues: 

If you’re finding that the video is slow to play or is starting and stopping, you can adjust the resolution of the video and that will correct this issue. Along the bottom of the video player look for 1080 P. That’s the current resolution. If you click on that, you will see many different resolutions. Try a lower resolution, until you find the one that works for your internet connection.