Mastering the Mindset for Weight Loss


Bust Through the Mental Barriers that are
Keeping you from Being Successful!



Your mental attitude determines how successful you will be with weight loss as well as with any other endeavor in life. Unfortunately, when you have self-limiting beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes, you’re defeated before you even start.


In this 6 session recorded coaching series, I am going to show you solutions to the common mental traps, attitudes, and beliefs that keep people from being successful.  As a weight loss coach who has been practicing for two decades, these are the ones I come up against over and over again, and once people overcome these mental hurdles, weight loss can become fun and be almost effortless!


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Affirmations for Weight Loss and Wellness
Audio Program 


Change begins in the mind, therefore weight loss begins in the mind. All behavior is first preceded by thought. Your thoughts create your feelings and beliefs, they in turn create your attitudes, and your beliefs and attitudes determine your actions and behavior. Therefore, your thoughts create your reality.


The secret to losing weight permanently is to change your thoughts about how you feel about yourself, eating, food, and exercise. Change your mind and your body will follow!


The word affirm mean to “make firm.” This eBook and the accompanying audio affirmations will show you how to shape a new body, mindset, and destiny for yourself – one affirmative thought at a time.


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My 12 Week Weight Loss and Emotional Eating Mindfulness Based Program

is Now Available as a Self-Paced Home Study Video/Audio Course!


Break Free from Overeating, Make Peace with Food, and Lose Weight Naturally!


Are you obsessed with food, weight, and or dieting?
Do you turn to food for emotional comfort? Do you eat when stressed?
Do you want to make peace with food and your body?

Have you lost weight and gained it all back again?
Are you ready to get off the dieting roller coaster and lose weight permanently?


If you’re like most people, you’ve probably tried willpower and dieting to lose weight. Unfortunately, for most people this is not enough. The reason willpower and diets fail is because most people overeat for emotional reasons. Emotional eating is a response to various environmental and emotional triggers. These triggers range from stress, exhaustion, uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, procrastination, boredom, and a need for pleasure and comfort.


The How You do Food is How You do Life Weight Loss and Emotional Eating Program is designed to get at the core issues of what triggers overeating. It provides you with solid strategies to overcome the reasons why you turn to food.


The 12 week program consists of 6 recorded audio classes sent out every other week and you will also receive weekly assignments and handouts that will transform your relationship with food, get you off the dieting hamster wheel, teach you ways to deal with your stressful and sabotaging thoughts and emotions, teach you how to eat intuitively and mindfully, and allow your body to lose weight naturally without dieting.


You will also learn how to set up a self-care routine that isn’t time consuming so that you can start your day calm, centered, and nurtured. You will become more mindful and peaceful in all areas of your life because “how you do food is how you do life!”


So what does the phrase “How you do food is how you do life” mean?


People who eat overeat often don’t realize that their issue with food and weight isn’t the real problem. It’s only a symptom – a symptom of how they are living their life. If your life is stressful, then you will turn to food to cope with that stress. If your life lacks pleasure and excitement, you will turn to food looking for pleasure and excitement. If you try to control and restrict your food, you will become obsessed with food and overeat. You eat how you are. When you’re at peace with yourself, you become at peace with food. How you do food is how you do life!


This course is taught live 3 times a year: January, March, and September. The next live course will be taught in January 2022. For more info and to sign up click here. 


Self Paced Home Study Version

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The Law of Attraction for Weight Loss

Learn How to Manifest the Body of Your Dreams!


Do you love the law of attraction but are confused about how to use it for weight loss?

Have all your efforts at manifesting weight loss produced little results?

Are you unsure how or where to focus to produce the results you’re looking for?


This self-paced digital course (MP3 Downloads) takes the law of attraction and gives you easy methods to apply the law in a way that will get results. It takes you step by step into a process that will help you manifest results in no time at all! It also includes 3 guided meditations and audio affirmations that will help focus you, raise your vibration, and connect you to your source of manifesting power.


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